Go Green

Goldfield Stage is the Greenest Way to Get There

Like you, our team is sensitive to our environment and our impact on the rest of the world. Fortunately, at 207 passenger miles per gallon, renting a bus in San Diego is the most fuel-efficient way to travel! While our nation’s leaders are debating how to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and how to best treat our environment, charter bus companies like Goldfield Stage have already taken a lead in green travel. Here’s how your choice to go with our San Diego bus company greatly reduces your group’s carbon footprint:

  • Bus rentals emit the LEAST carbon dioxide per passenger mile when compared to other vehicles.
  • Charter buses are 6x more energy- and fuel-efficient than single occupancy automobiles.
  • Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by an average of 85% per passenger mile for every person who chooses charter buses instead of driving separately.
  • Each full charter bus has the potential of removing 55 autos from the highway. That’s millions of cars not driven annually, saving fuel, cutting emissions, and reducing congestion.
  • The Union of Concerned Scientists report says a couple boarding a charter bus will cut their carbon emissions nearly IN HALF, compared with driving even a hybrid car!

Goldfield Stage also supports an active recycling program from paper in the office, to parts and engine fluids, to cans and bottles.  We feel it is all part of preserving our environment.

Let’s reduce our impact while getting you to your destination enjoyably & safely!


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