Goldfield Stage is proud of the impeccable maintenance of all its motor coaches. According to the Department of Transportation, we are among the top couple of companies in San Diego with an exceptional record for surpassing and exceeding the thresholds. Goldfield Stage meets and exceeds the requirements of the California Highway Patrol, being inspected at least twice a year. All our motor coaches and mini-coaches in San Diego meet the demanding regulations required to be licensed as School Pupil Activity Buses (SPAB). What this means for our guests is that we are not just “squeaking by” but constantly in compliance with Federal regulations.

Our drivers go through rigorous testing, documentation, and background checks by the Federal Department of Justice. They also participate in a Federally mandated drug and alcohol-testing program. Goldfield Stage provides Driver and Customer Service Training for the drivers to keep their skills sharp and current. When you ride with Goldfield Stage, your safety and comfort are our top priority.

Licensing and Certifications held
by Goldfield Stage

PUC-TCP  –  Public Utilities Commission
SPAB  –  School Pupil Activities Bus
DOD  –  Department of Defense Military Transport
US DOT  –  US Department of Transportation
ICC-MC  –  Interstate Commerce Commission