Charter Vehicles To Fit Any Size Group

Goldfield Stage in San Diego, California operates a fleet of modern and reliable vehicles that will accommodate any size group, with the amenities needed for everyone to enjoy the ride in style. For large groups we have our deluxe European motor coaches with passenger capacities of 49-57 guests. If you have a small to medium sized group we have the best riding mini-coaches in the industry seating 21-30 passengers. For those who have a very limited number of guests or those who need more plush and private executive transportation we offer sedans and 13 passenger vans.

Our onsite cleaning and maintenance crew keep our fleet of mini-coaches, motor coaches and executive cars and vans in pristine condition for your comfort. At Goldfield Stage safety is always of paramount concern. We meet and exceed the requirement of the California Highway Patrol and the Department of Transportation. All our motor coaches in San Diego meet the demanding regulations required to be licensed as School Pupil Activity Buses (SPAB). We are inspected at least twice a year by the CHP as an extra precaution to ensure your safety and comfort.

Fully Equipped For Your Enjoyment And Safety

The Goldfield Stage fleet is fully equipped with many extra amenities to increase the enjoyment of your trip.

45' Motor Coaches

45' Motor Coaches  55 - 57 Passengers

Our 45' motor coaches have reached an unprecedented pinnacle that combines superb styling, leading–edge technology and superior comfort. These coaches are exceptionally spacious from the aisle width and reclining seats to the storage in the luggage bays.

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40' Motor Coaches

40' Motor Coaches  47 - 49 Passengers

These thoroughly modern motor coaches will provide an unforgettably comfortable ride for your guests.

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35' Mid Size Passenger Coaches

35' Mid Size Passenger Coaches  29 & 30 Passengers

Our 35' Mid Size Coaches are remarkably smooth and comfortable riding from the first row to the back of the coach, providing panoramic viewing not available on most Mid Size Coaches.

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Mini Coaches

Mini Coaches  21 Passengers

Do you have a small size group that needs affordable transportation in San Diego County? Our 21 Passenger Mini-Coach is your answer.

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Executive Van

Executive Van  12 or 13 Passengers

These luxury Executive Vans have not only superior curb appeal and plush interiors but also have the head room similar to the Mid Size Coaches. These vans are an excellent choice for a small intimate group or those needing executive transportation.

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Sedans  1-3 Passengers

Our Executive Sedans are for those guests who want privacy and a comfortable stylish ride to and from the airport, meetings or hotels.

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